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CRADLE Industry Day: Network Rail

CRADLE Industry Day with Network Rail Highlights Challenges in Railway Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

CRADLE Robotics and AI recently hosted an Industry Day with Network Rail, the leading infrastructure manager of Great Britain’s railway network. The event served as a platform for industry leaders and academic experts to explore sector challenges and opportunities for research and innovation in railway asset management.

Representatives from Network Rail joined forces with the CRADLE team at The University of Manchester to deliver a series of insightful presentations in the morning session. Attendees were treated to in-depth discussions on the latest advancements in robotics and AI technology, specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by the railway industry.

The afternoon session featured revolving breakout sessions focusing on three key research aspects: (1) inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR), (2) human-robot interaction / human factors, and (3) standards, regulations, and assurance. Experts delved into topics such as issues involved in the deployment of robotics and autonomous systems to monitor railway assets and other infrastructure.

The event concluded with a comprehensive register of the sector’s challenges and opportunities, providing a roadmap for future collaboration between academia and industry. Participants expressed optimism about the potential for innovation to drive positive change and improve the reliability and safety of the railway network.