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Governance and Management

Barry Lennox

Academic Director

Duncan Steel

Industry Director

Michael Fisher

James Kell

Industry Co-Director

Kayleigh Jackson

Industry Project Manager, Delivery and Exploitation

Paul Dominick Baniqued

Academic and Technical Project Manager

Project Support

Jade Simpson

Industry Project Manager

Stella Flint

Project Administrator

Danish Khan

Robotics Technical Specialist

Kwai Wa-Tse

Robotics Software Technical Specialist

Work Package 1 – Components

Bruno Adorno

Academic Lead, WP1

Keir Groves

Academic Co-Lead, WP1

Marti Morta-Garriga

Industry Lead, WP1

Mohamed Atia

Postdoctoral Research Associate, WP1

Seyonne Leslie-Dalley

Postgraduate Researcher, WP1

Work Package 2 – Architectures

Michael Fisher

Academic Lead, WP2

John Brotherhood

Industry Lead, WP2

Louise Dennis

Academic Researcher, WP2

Work Package 3 – Interactions

Angelo Cangelosi

Academic Lead, WP3

Kathryn Mearns

Industry Lead, WP3

Clare Dixon

Academic Researcher, WP3

Emily Collins

Academic Researcher, WP3

Federico Tavella

Postdoctoral Research Associate, WP3

Work Package 4 – Assurance

Louise Dennis

Academic Lead, WP4

Michael Fisher

Academic Researcher, WP4

Dhaminda Abeywickrama

Research Fellow, WP4

Work Package 5 – Demonstrators

Simon Watson

Academic Lead, WP5

Matthew Goundry

Industry Lead, WP5

Christopher Bishop

Research Associate, WP5

Michael Oates

Robotics Specialist, WP5

Lewis Wheelhouse

Postgraduate Researcher, WP5

Joshua Bettles

Postgraduate Researcher, WP5

Toluwani Soboyejo

Postgraduate Researcher, WP5

Andrew Weightman

Academic PhD Supervisor, WP5

Andrew West

Academic PhD Supervisor, WP5